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A Legend for A Century, Classic Memories Across Generations

Taiwan beer belongs to Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation, which is the leading and most historic tobacco and liquor company in Taiwan over 120 years. All the time, TTL have been creating and sharing good times for consumers with our core business philosophy, “Perfect quality, service satisfaction, Excellence, Social responsibility. ”

Taiwan beer connects Taiwanese people across generations since Takasago Brewery Co. started its business of “Takasago Beer” in 1919. After Japanese Occupation era, the monopoly business era, and the market open in the 1980s, nowadays, the beer market is highly competitive. One hundred years have passed, we have evolved with the times to become authentic Taiwan memory

From the Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau of our grandfathers’ generation, and the “ho-da-la (bottom up)!” memories at stir-fries restaurants of our fathers’ generation, to young people’s favorite 18 days draft beer, we have continued our passion to make Taiwan Beer “the freshest” and constantly pursued innovation, creating a glorious history of beers in Taiwan, spreading such good tastes around the world, and moving towards becoming an international enterprise

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Taiwan beer products
Proud of our Freshly Brewed,High Quality Beer
We insist on brewing quality beer. Since 1997, our products have been awarded by the Monde Selection for over 20 consecutive years, and have been successfully exported to China, the United States, Japan, Korea, France, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Cambodia. The biggest credit for this achievement goes to our proud breweries.

Taiwan Beer has three breweries in Taiwan: Zhunan, Shanhua, and Wuri, in addition to the Taipei Brewery. Each brewery has been certified with ISO-9001, ISO-14001, OHSAS-18001, and ISO-22000, with the Wuri brewery having obtained the Taiwan Quality Food certification. Our extraordinary technologies have been officially recognized by a variety of organizations.

The breweries do not only make beer, they have also transformed into tourist factories by combining local specialties in recent years. The Zhunan brewery is concurrently a Hakka culture promotion center; the Shanhua brewery provides the freshest fruit beers for taste tests; the Wuri brewery is expected to establish a Taiwan beer brand experience center; and the Taipei brewery has a historic building which will be transformed into a beer culture district park in the future. Through the transformation and opening of breweries, we hope that when visitors walk into the brewery, they will be able to experience the freshest beer and the local flavor of Taiwan.

Taiwan Beer Leads the trends!
Our mission is to launch new products to meet various consumers’ preference. The “Brew Lab” series was created for refined tastes, using carefully selected special malts and diversified brewing techniques to create a profound, rich taste. The “Sweet Touch” blends a selection of fresh local fruits into beer/wine to create a fresh, fruity, sweet and sour taste with a tipsy touch that people love. The “Gold Medal Free” is a special non-alcoholic drink to advocate no driving after drinking, giving customers more choices to suit their needs.
Taiwan beer products
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Social Responsibility creation to make Taiwan better

Beer packaging is unavoidable. That’s why Taiwan Beer has insisted on comprehensive recycling over the past decade, taking full responsibility for being kind to the environment.

Meanwhile we are also committed to supporting charity causes and promoting sports and culture. We have established our own Taiwan Beer basketball team, and the Taiwan Beer baseball team in cooperation with the National Taiwan Sport University. We have also been hosting tee-ball camps and sponsoring various sports events. We hope that through our efforts, more people can experience the beauty of sports. Taiwan Beer is always there to witness every moment of Taiwan’s glory together.


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